Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Johnnie Flip Flop

Aravosis Supported War On Iraq
Calling Those Opposed To It
"A Bunch of Hippies"
Aravosis just wrote this regarding the war:

"The point is that war has consequences, and our actions have consequences. Everyone who continues to support this war continues to support the growing cost of this war - $300 billion (not counting the trillions needed in the long term for benefits, etc.), over 2,000 dead, and scores of civilian killings (intentional and unintentional). This war has a real cost, and far too many Americans don't seem to realize that this, accidents and all, are what they continue to sanction."

But Aravosis supported the war before he opposed it. He flip-flopped on this position.

He was one of the Americans who "sanctioned" this war! I remember him calling those opposed to the war "a bunch of hippies".

Aravosis is simple. If it is popular, Johnnie likes it. If it is unpopular, Johnnie hates it.

Let's face it, Aravosis is just a Rethuglican in liberal drag. His greatest desire is to be admired and adored. When he was a gay Republican, he was only slightly tolerated by the Republicans. That was simply not good enough for our Johnnie.

He decided to switch teams, while keeping many of his right wing core values (the love of money, the hatred of women, and the appreciation of all things superficial). He knew that if he switched teams, liberals wouldn't hate him for being a big Neiman Marcus loving homosexual male. He would be embraced, and possibly loved and admired.

The reality regarding Aravosis is simple. He is a mean and nasty human being. He just happens to work on the right side of the political fence. Activism gives John an outlet for his rage and anger. He is able to discharge his hostility on a daily basis to get his rage fix.

He is clearly a narcissist and he has a constant need for adoration and attention. He can never take a word of criticism nor accept one bit of blame when he contributes to or creates a bad situation.

He has no sense of loyalty and will turn on a friend just as quickly as an enemy. Ask anyone who has been banned in the past.

Lurking underneath his need for approval rests his reptilian Republican dirty underbelly. The underbelly he rolls over to show when the likes of "nice" Kathryn Harris show up to give little Johnnie doggie a bone of approval. He craves "celebrity" status, but has only achieved a level of "pseudo-lebrity". Most people don't know who Andrew Sullivan is, but fewer people know who Aravosis is. The only reason most of us know about him is due in large part to the "Gannon" affair. That is how I and many others first heard about Americablog, but searching for "Gannon" not by searching for "Aravosis".

Aravosis will kiss up to anyone he perceives as having fame or power. Those who post are just his "flock" and they either end up getting "fleeced" or "slaughtered" by his angry diatribes, or by simple being banished to the land of the banned.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Americablog Parody

Check Out Aravosisblog and Americablahg:
Along with

Both blogs have interesting perspectives on the "Cult of Aravosis". Aravosisblog is a great parody with "Johnny A-List" pointing out what we have been noticing all along about our favorite blogevangelist.

Americablahg has archived posts of Aravosis being the complete hypocrite and egomanic that he really is.

Check them both out!

Aravosis Is A Blogevangelist!!!!

Cult Of Aravosis
John Aravosis is a secular internet blogevangelist.

He asks for donations, cries poor, and then goes on lavish trips.

He claims that he needs money for his new and improved blog. How is this unlike televangelists who need extra donations for new broadcasting studios or to build new churches?

He claims that he is above being accountable for his income.

He tolerates no opposing views or challenges to his authority.

He threatens anyone who disagrees with the prospect of being banned. This is no different than when cult leaders excommunicate those who question their authority.

His followers attack anyone who disagrees with their beloved leader.

He attacks anyone who disagrees with him.

His moods are erratic, and his tantrums routine. He is becoming more and more irrational.

He has delusions of grandeur.

John Aravosis is simply a cult leader, and his blog is his church, and those who post are his flock.

Cults come in many forms.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

We're Back!!!!

Big Girls Unite:
Someone is trying to shut down a website. Find out all about it at:

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